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Moscow Polo Academy

The Moscow Polo Academy was organized to introduce, teach and promote the sport of polo in Russia. Working parallel the Moscow Polo Club, the first and largest polo club in Russia, the academy has produced some of Russia’s finest talents. Our professional instructors teach all aspects of the game, both to absolute novices and to well-developed players.


Instruction covers three stages:

Stage I: Equestrian

Academy instructors will instruct on everything to do with the horse. Riding ability is incredibly important for a polo player and many of Russia’s best players came to the club with no prior riding experience!

Stage II: Swing Technique

A good swing will allow a player to send the ball straight and true down the polo field. Good technique will make sure the mallet never hits the horse by mistake. Our hitting cage is the best place to learn the swing, as the mallet will not hurt the wooden horse.

Stage III: Game Strategy

The club offers Academic Chukker rentals in which novice players get to experience the game of polo with guidance of professional players. Instructors coach player on and off the field, correcting mistakes as they happen on the field and following every practice with a revision session in which rules and strategy are discussed.